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The Secret Gratitude Book

For my birthday, my Fabulous Friend gave me an amazing gift. She gave me The Secret Gratitude Book. The Secret, the movie and the book, is based on the law of attraction, as the most powerful law of the Universe. This law directs how our energy interacts with energies around us. The better the energy, the higher the frequency of the vibration. The energy of joy and gratitude vibrate on much higher frequencies than others, such as, judgment or anger. One of the tools to actually help yourself feel better, and achieve the higher frequency is thinking about all the good things you have in your life and actually writing them down. Then, based on the law of attraction, the more you are grateful for, the more you'll attract other reasons to be grateful for. 

I am indeed really grateful for my great friend, and that was the first thing I wrote in my new Gratitude Book. With the book, my friend also wrote: 

The teachings of the Secret prove that energy is within YOU. We are powerful beings that have the ability to co-create. There is no shame in the negative thoughts that we come across sometimes. Rather, the practice teaches us that recognizing these thoughts and shifting our own energy allows us to use our limitless potential to manifest better and more. Whether you are focusing upon things you want or things you do not want, the evidence of your thoughts continually flows toward you!"

Consider writing (or keep writing) about what you are grateful for on a daily bases and see what happens. 

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