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How to start meditating daily

What are the benefits of the meditation and how do we do meditation, many people wonder. Answering question "how to mediate for beginners". One of my first learnings of my personal development road was about meditation. After reading the book "You are the Placebo", by Dr. Joe Dispenza, I realized how important and how powerful our mind is. How powerful our thoughts and feelings are. In a second, a single thought makes you anxious and fearful and that leads to more thoughts and more anxiety. The more we can control our thoughts, the more we can calm them or direct them to positive ones, the better we are going to feel. Meditation, among other things, can help us with that. I am definitely not an experienced meditator, nor an expert in any of the wellness fields, but simply I am sharing my experiences and lessons I acquired during the last couple of years. Once you understand the use and the power of meditation, you have to find out which type of mediation suits you the best. I tried several of them, and not all of them work for me all the time. You have to give it a try, and not worry too much about having other thoughts on your mind. Just try! There are so many free meditations on Youtube to start with. Many leaders (Deepak Chopra, Jay Shetty, and many others) have their own free meditations through their social media. I often use the app Calm, which has a yearly fee. Those meditations are easy and relaxing. I would say that more advanced meditations I am doing are the ones from Dr. Joe Dispenza. They are deep, and it takes time to adjust to them, as they are quite long and unusual. But I am a big fan. So give it try, do it for you. Just breathe and relax. In general, there are not many rules to apply to meditation, with exception you need to try it and do it on a daily bases. #meditation #mindfulness #mindset

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