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4 Ways to Boost Happiness

How to bring some peace to your mind during uncertain times? It really has become a fact…our world has changed. Literally. Everything and everyone has taken on this grey feeling. For the first time, we have no answers. How to rest our minds when things are so…scary? We learn about mindfulness.

Knowing and utilizing these techniques can bring a moment of pause in your daily life. It reminds you to keep going. It reminds you to enjoy the small things even when you do not think you can, finally bringing happiness back into your life.

Start at home…

If you cannot go outside yet in your community, making these small changes can begin the healing of negativity.

Put down the phone

We are, as a society, addicted to our phones, especially in these times. We want something to distract us from the reality. By doing this, we not only keep our anxiety levels up during the day, but then our sleep habits are disrupted because we can not shut off. Try keeping the phone out of arms reach when going to bed.

Allow your mind to disconnect. Keep a good book (not online) or a crossword next to your pillow. By doing a quiet activity before falling asleep allows your mind to finally rest. Both your mind and body will thank you in the morning.

Take up a hobby

While there are many hobbies to do outdoors, there are just as many to accomplish indoors. Creating art in any subject brings a sense of pride which triggers happiness. Always wanted to learn how to paint. no time like the present. Feeling like working with a hammer makes more sense? Build bird houses, build new shelves for your home. The possibilities are endless. If you are an avid gardener, but do not feel safe enough to go outdoors, try growing a small garden indoors. Having something to attend to daily, distracts our minds just enough to take that second breath.

Eat good food

It has become as fast as a click to order any food you want in todays society. Eating brings us comfort, in any form, especially when we are depressed or bored. But are we really watching just how many calories we are taking in? The answer is probably not really. This is a great time to learn to cook new dishes. There are literally millions of recipes on the internet. The same goes for books of recipes. Try making one new dish per week then move up from there. By feeding ourselves with healthier foods, we not only support our bodies, but our minds. When our minds are calm, we feel more contentment.

Ready to take it outdoors?

Mindfulness can be achieved just with a few minutes of fresh air. Try utilizing places within your community.

  • Head to the local park—Most cities have at least one park. Does not matter the size. Just walk, flex your arms, stretch your legs. Feel the sun on your face. Having this type of distraction, we allow for serenity for a short time. Our bodies have a moment to exercise and our minds have a moment to relax.

  • Take up a sport—If your looking for a new activity but want to remain away from groups, try fishing. There are many wonderful lakes and rivers to make yourself a nice setup while your waiting to catch the big one.

  • Rather stay away from the water? Try golfing. Golf courses offer a lot of amenities such as carts and food. Some even offer coaches. Any sport you choose is a great distraction for the mind.

  • Take a drive—Not quite ready to be outdoors, but desperately need a different view for a while, take a drive. Does not matter where you go. Turn on your favorite music, sing out loud, enjoy the scenery. Only focus on the moment instead of the bigger picture.

In conclusion…

Remember, you are priority number one. If you feel overwhelmed, use these techniques to start on the path to happiness. You will find once your mind is happier, your mood will follow. Use that newfound strength every day. A smile goes a long way.

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