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A Day in Miami

Special post provided by a Fabulous Friend:

A girl can dream...

During these uncertain times, the only thing that is giving me hope is knowing that one day I will fly again. And I mean literally. Go down the aisle, take my seat, and take out many snacks and activity books for my daughter and jet into the blue sky. As I reminisce about all of our trips, and how lucky we were to just hop on a plane and go, making beautiful memories and taking all the sights in I wanted to share one of the special spots that we go a few times a year -- Miami.

Miami has a lot to offer, beautiful beaches, Art Deco hotels, amazing shopping, and great food. Whatever you are interested in, I'm sure you will find it there.

Here is a snapshot of our day in South Beach:

Wake up early and have a lovely breakfast at the Restaurant at W South Beach (formerly knows the DUTCH) on the terrace amid a bright and airy ambiance. 

A mid-morning dip in the W Pool, while the rest of the guests are asleep, is my favorite thing to do with my daughter. The tranquility is just so soothing.

At lunch, we order BBQ by the pool -- the best W burger and W hot dog. 

For the afternoon, we head out to the beach and enjoy the beachfront oasis like no other. 

In the evening we go for a stroll down the Ocean Drive walkway and have dinner at the Setai Bar and Courtyard Bar (just a 5 min walk from the W hotel) an elegant Asian fused restaurant decorated with mother of pearl material, while the adjacent tranquil yet chic Courtyard features towering pergolas with rich woods and The Setai’s iconic serenity pond.

After dinner, I usually like to buy a nice souvenir, and for me, that consists of a nice piece of art such as a nice pair of shoes, sandals, or a purse. Some of the nicest pieces I received are from Miami. My favorite new spot for shopping is the Design District, it's heaven. I can get lost in there for hours. 

What else can I say more, but SLEEP & REPEAT.

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