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Baro Rooftop, Toronto

Baro is another great Toronto restaurant and patio. I was super delighted to find a patio that is pretty much protected from a cold with a good mix of closed and open space. We had a very pleasant night in Baro Rooftop. Very nice design, warm and cozy atmosphere made our night chill and relaxing. The service was very good and the experience seamless.  Great DJ and music, surprisingly not too loud, so you are able to have a decent conversation.

The menu is not big but interesting with primarily Latin style sharable options. We went for CGS (chip, guac, salsa), several empanadas, and Chori Papa. Everything was super delicious. Of course, you can't not but finish it with Churros. I am normally a wine person, but I went for cocktail The Baro Sour, which was absolutely fabulous. Definitely, I recommend this place and looking forward to another night there. The only downside is the 2-hour limit, but it seems that nowadays most of the restaurants impose the same. Considering everything that is happening during Covid time, it is understandable. (Heated patio)

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