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Book review: Malibu Rising

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid is an excellent novel with great storylines. It is a complex story about family, love, support, sacrifice, abandonment, and survival. The main character is Nina Rava and her siblings. Their lives are impacted by many life circumstances. Their famous father abandons them early on, leaving their mom to raise her family on her own. She puts in her best effort but struggles on that path. When a tragic event happens, Nina takes over the care of her household, her brothers and sister, and the family business.

Two main storylines walk us through the Rava family past and the Rava party that Nina organizes each year. Each of the siblings has its own story to tell. All stories and life truths cross at the party night. Some truths hurt. But, love, support, and loyalty to each other are just some of the traits of Rava's siblings. It is great and fulfilling to read about. No matter what life threw at these four, they managed the best they could. The party ends up being a crazy night, a night where rich and famous meet. But the night brings closure to all of them, including their father. I really loved this book. It is a complex, emotional read with very strong characters. Definitely recommended.

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