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Book Review: Where the Crawdads Sing, by Delia Owens

Oh boy... what an emotional story. One of the books that leaves a long lasting impression. The story about a girl from marsh who comes from a troubled family, and who after left by everyone survives on her own as of age 6. Nature was her life, her food, friends and parents and her education. All she knew were laws of nature. Reading this story, you can't but not appreciate all the natural beauties, human-nature connection, and the world where the human touch is replaced by waves, the sand and sun, gulls, and other birds and species. The book gets you thinking about people and life situations that are not that fortunate, about love, betrayal, prejudice, and injustice. But also to believe there are always people with good hearts to stand with those in need. The Marsh Girl, was loved by a few of these that were able to stand out and see her beauties. Excellent read!

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