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Book Review: You Are the Placebo

I have read three books from Dr. Joe Dispenza. The first one was "You Are the Placebo", which is the one of best personal development books. This book was an eye-opener for me, to start thinking about ourselves as the powerful creators of our own life. Throughout the book, you can read about many examples that talk about the impact of the mind, for better or for worse. The placebo effect is well known in the pharma industry as if you believe something is given to you to treat some illness, even though it is a sugar pill, you start seeing improvement. That is a direct result of your mind. Then the question is how we can train our minds to be and to act as a placebo in many other life situations. The book gives us some personal development exercises and instructions on how to do that. It starts with changing your habits when you wake up, changing your beliefs, and meditating. There are many ways to meditate. You have to determine what meditation works for you, how often and how long to meditate. Some meditations of Dr. Joe Dispenza, you can find on youtube, but most of the full versions are available through his site.

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