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Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

How do we become self-confident, something many people wonder. In a way, it is simple, but it seems still many are struggling thinking that always someone else is better, prettier, smarter. In fact, others are just different. We start building our confidence, the moment we start loving ourselves, and not in an egocentric way, but truly recognizing ourselves and all the beauties that we have. Understanding we are all unique, and we all, but absolutely all, have something amazing. Look into yourself, recognize your strength, good thoughts, nice features, your internal beauties...Look for them deep until you find them all. Find them, recognize them, and build on them. It is understandable, you can't just wake up and suddenly become the most confident person in the world. It is a step by step process where with every day you become better and stronger than the day before. Every morning, recognize one thing that you like about you, be aware of it, and make it the best it can be, and continue. You will start seeing yourself in a good way, you will start cherishing yourself. The way you look at yourself and the way you feel about yourself will influence how others see you and feel about you. Just one thought can change so much. Just one of my personal examples, my hair is curly and for years I was unhappy about it, I was straightening my hair, and I was struggling with it.  And then simply, one thought came to my mind. I said to myself, this is my hair, my hair is curly, my curly hair can look great too. I started to look at it in a different way, I bought products and learned how to care about it. I made my curly hair look great. And most importantly I started to feel good about my curly hair. So, I changed my thought, the thought changed my view, my action changed, and I changed. I started loving my hair and proudly wearing it. And you can do the same steps about any of your physical or personal traits. Just embrace yourself. You have your only one yourself. Make it the best it can be. 


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