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My choice of daily meditations

If you wonder what meditations to listen and do, so many great free meditations are available. And if you are wondering if you can meditate 10 minutes a day, the answer is Yes, you can.

A few I wanted to feature here are free daily meditations by Jay Shetty and Deepak Chopra.

Jay Shetty is amazing to listen to. He is simple, and very personable. When you listen to him, you have a sense you know him. He is holding free live meditation on a daily bases. Meditations are not long, for about 15 minutes. Once he completes the cycle of live meditations, you can find all the videos on his Facebook page. Really relaxing.#jayshetty

Deepak Chopra is so well known, and great. He is so calming when he speaks, that instantly you start feeling at ease. He has great content, podcasts, books... Him and Oprah also host free online daily meditations. His meditations are mantra based. The free ones are about 15 minutes. #deepakchopra

Videos and links for live meditations you can find on his Facebook Page.

Deepak Chopra often hosts free 21 days meditation experiences. The newest one is Renew Yourself (June 24, 2020): Body, Mind, & Spirit. Check it out at: (register and login)

Calm Blog blog provides also several free meditations for you to practices. They are also pretty simple, good to help you with your sleep, anxiety.

I also like The Honest Guys free meditations on Youtube.

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