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My Top 10 Motivational Speakers

Best personal development/self-help books and podcasts:

1. Jay Shetty Podcast: On Purpose Daily Live Meditations

2. Lewis Howes Podcast School of Greatness

3. Tom Bilyeu Podcast Impact Theory Free Seminar Mindset 101

4. Dr. Joe Dispenza Books: You are the Placebo, Becoming Supernatural, Meditations: some free, advanced

5. Robyn Sharma Podcast Mastery Sessions

6. Deepak Chopra Podcast Infinite Potential Daily live Meditations

7. Eckhart Tolle Podcast with Oprah: A New Earth Book Power of Now

8. Ester/Abraham Hicks Books/Meditations/Low of Attraction…Very interesting

9. Neale Donald Walsch Book Conversations with God

10. Russel Brand Podcast Under the Skin

I believe you can learn and benefit from all of them. My personal recommendation for book is You are the Placebo from Dr. Joe Dispenza and Mindset 101 by Tom Bilyeu if you are just starting out.

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