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Practice of Visualization

Last several years, I have been reading and hearing about visualization a lot. Thought to summarize what I learned and share.

It seems that nowadays many people talk about visualization and are aware of its power and how it can be helpful in our lives. As a matter of fact, we all visualize certain things or events throughout the day, without putting a name to it. Very often people imagine or see negative or fearful outcomes. So, people are actually visualizing, often not recognizing. Seeing and feeling those fearful moments make us taken with negative energy, stressed, and anxious. Very often our worst fears become our reality.

Once we are aware of our thoughts and images we see, we can try to control them and whenever possible imagine good and happy outcomes. It is not only helping us at the moment to feel better but also potentially will help us live those outcomes in the future. I am hearing that many musicians, athletes, and other successful people use visualization and mental imagery to make the future how they like it to be.

To begin the visualization, know what you want, and make it clear for yourself. You can write it down, the more elements, scenes, and emotions surrounding it the better. The next step is to begin imagining or visualizing it. You can visualize the circumstances or you can visualize the process or even skip all the way to the outcome. The most important part is to connect your feelings with your vision. Very important to know, it doesn’t stop after you visualize. Many people think “Oh, I visualized and nothing happened”. You have to take action for it to happen. Visualization will motivate you and create energy in which you will take the right steps, doors will be opened that will help you get to your goal. You will end up meeting right people, read helpful books, go the right places...All of those will be part of your success.

Taking daily action is essential. We cannot make great changes overnight if we do not take action each day. We need to set ourselves up for success each day by returning to our vision and making sure we take our steps on our walk to success.

We need to stay strong in order to persevere and stay on top of our goals. When we are faced with challenges, we can continue to visualize our successes and find a pathway out of most situations.

Personally, I am not sure like some others, that this is a final solution for everything in life, but I do believe that when we set our goals, when we are motivated and believe in it, we can make a significant impact on our lives.

I liked how Lisa Nichols described visualization in her book “Abundance Now” and in particular her quote: "Don't wait for the fear to stop you before you leap. Be willing to leap afraid."

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