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Sintra and Obidos Trip - Portugal

Our Lisbon enjoyment was significantly enhanced by visiting a few of the other places Portugal has to offer. You can't visit Lisbon and not visit Sintra. It is one of the most magical and fascinating places. We rented a car, drove up, and parked for free very close to the town. We started with The Palácio Nacional de Sintra, and then walked to the Palácio Nacional da Pena. The castle, what to say, with all the colors around, you feel like you are a princess. It was a sunny day, and walking around and seeing such beauty was beyond exciting. We had a chance to go inside as well, which was very nice and I strongly recommend. There is a little town that you can walk around, and have a coffee or a snack. We chose to have a break and a few bites to eat at Museu Klaus Ohnsmann, a very nicely decorated garden. It was the perfect spot.

Our next stop was Quinta de Regaleira gardens. We took a little local car to take us there, as it was pretty far from the main Castle area. That was equally if not even more beautiful. Gardens with flowers, towers, fountains. You must see Initiation Well, where you can go down the stairs to the bottom. Pretty fascinating. Definitely, those two places on its own will fill your day. 

The second-day trip was to Costa da Caparica. Gorgeous beach, with some great restaurants. We went there in May, so we could not swim, but it was a great day to spend relaxing and walking along the beach. We had the best meal there at Rampa Beach Club.

The same day we also visited Cascais and spent a nice afternoon walking around with a few coffees and deserts. 

And on the last day, we took a bus from Lisbon to Obidos. It is a small and charming place. It had great little shops with some unique clothing, accessories, and souvenirs. We had a nice walk to Obidos Castle. This place is very unique and would highly recommend it. 

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