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Xango, Toronto

Meals at Xango Toronto
Xango Toronto

Xango is a great downtown Toronto (King West) restaurant. It is Peruvian/Asian cuisine and run by famous chef Claudio Aprile. Four of us visited the restaurant right after the long lockdown. The patio is very pleasant and nicely decorated. The service was exceptional, fast but not intruding. The menu offered a good selection of wines, but few of us opted for cocktails. I enjoyed a couple of Butterfly Pea Flower Martinis.

The food menu provides lots of good choices. You can pick from The Raw Bar, Grill, Beef, and Steaks. Portion sizes are really good and could be ordered as a main course or shared with others. We ordered a couple of appetizers to share: Crispy Spicy Squids and Open-fire Pork Bao. Both super delicious. For the mains, we opted for Miso Black Cod, Kalbi Ribs, Tempura Prawn and Beef Tartare. Ribs were amazing and the portion was really big. The Prawns were awesome with a great sauce that came with. Cod and tartare are highly recommended but are smaller meals. I feel a combination of appetizers and main courses we had served us perfectly. Of course, something sweet is always welcome ending to a perfect dinner. The chocolate cake was excellent and definitely sharable among few people.

Overall, the value for the price was really good. Would definitely recommend this place.

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