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Travel to Sicily, Italy

6 day trip to Sicily, Italy..Italy is a beautiful country, no matter where you go. People, food, nature, music..just about everything is superb. So, our trip to Sicily did not disappoint.

We decided to stay on the Catania side, and only spend time in the area around, up to an hour or so drive. We wanted a balance between the relaxation and action.

We spent a couple of days just walking through Catania. It is a nice city, nothing much special though. We went in May, so many beach bars were still closed.

We had an awesome dinner in a little nearby place Capo Mulini, recommended by locals. It is directly on the sea, and you can hear the waves and enjoy the beautiful sea view.

Taormina From Catania we drove to Taormina and stayed there for 2 days. It is a little place, pretty touristy, but gorgeous. We had phenomenal lunch at Belmond Hotel. Definitely must-see when in Sicily. Nice little streets, parks, Greek Theater, amazing sea view.

We spent a night in a beautiful apartment on the hill. We took an interesting ride to a little place on the top of the hill Castelmola. Great views of Mount Etna as well.

Another day we drove more south to Syracuse and Noto. Both are amazing places with nice streets for walking, architecture, flowers, sea views, sunsets, restaurants..what else! You can read more about Noto in a separate post.

This was another great trip me and my fabulous friends had!

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